Dainty Camera Lens Protector Tempered Glass for Apple Iphone 11 (Transparent)

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atures & details
✔ PACKAGE CONTENT: 1 Unit of Back Camera Screen Gorilla Tempered Glass and Dry & Wet Wipes ||✔ BENEFITS: The guard Covers the complete Back Camera ring; saves the Camera from scratches, dust, breakrage giving it ultimate protection
✔ PEACE OF MIND: Now, you don’t have to worry about the Camera Lens when putting your mobile on table, surface, pockets etc. as the temper glass will protect it
✔ FEATURES: 11D Gorilla Guard, Bubble proof Screen Guard, Scratch Resistant Temper Glass, Anti fingerprint Screen Protector, Anti-glare, Anti-shatter, Touch sensitive
✔ ORIGINAL QUALITY: The temper glass does not interferes with your camera quality and the camera retains the original quality images and videos
✔ EASY INSTALLATION: The temper glass protect the Camera Bump and is easy to install due to high quality


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