Comie clear case for iphone 11 6.1

599.00 299.00


Crystal iPhone 11 transparent Case is our best protective hard covers if you like the original iPhone 11 cover look. It’s Slim, Sleek, has a great finish and made of scratch resistant Polycarbonate body along with shock absorbing TPU edges, if you’re looking for Slim iPhone 11 Transparent back cover, go for it! The camera and screen are lifted when kept down on a table giving it 360 degree protection. The 4 corners of this iPhone 11 transparent back cover have air cushions for enhanced drop protection making this one of the best option for iPhone 11 clear transparent case. The buttons are pleasure to press as they require just the right amount to pressure to be pressed. All 4 corners on the back have lifted pegs to prevent the scratch resistant polycarbonate back from even coming into contact with the beneath surface.


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